Admin Work Team

Nomination opens August 27, 2023

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Westwood Administrative Work Team Descriptions

Westwood Work Teams: Church Council, Leader Enlistment, Personnel, Trustees, Budget and Finance,
Weekday Education.

Personnel Work Team: Responsible for helping provide oversight of Personnel, Personnel Policy Manual and the Personnel Operating Budget.Trustees Work Team: Serve as the legal officers of the Church.

Leader Enlistment Team: Serve as a vetting team for nominations Church Council: Provides oversight for all aspects of Church Life including; Budget approval, Equipping/Executive staff approval and all things that goes to the Church for vote.

Trustee: Serve as the legal officers of the church

Missions: Serves as oversight of the Mission's budget and give direction to our ongoing partnerships and future partnerships. 

Weekday Education: Serves as oversight and guidance for our Weekday Education Program.They will meet a few times a year.