As Westwood invests in people who will impact their world for Jesus, we long to see God raise up His people to do 3 things:
Love Jesus Passionately
God has called His people to love Him with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength. We want to love Jesus with all of our being. 
Think Biblically
The Bible is God's perfect Word that equips us for all of life and godliness. We want God's Word to govern our thoughts and direct our lives.
Live Missionally
All Christ-followers are called to be missionaries. God has uniquely positioned us to point others to Jesus right where we live, work and play. We want to live our lives with the intention of pointing others to Christ at all times.
As our church Loves Jesus Passionately, Thinks Biblically, and Lives Missionally, God will receive great glory in and through His people. Come. Gather with us. Join God's great movement of reaching the nations and our neighbors, for the glory of Jesus Christ through Westwood.