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Year-End Giving

Year-End Statements

Contribution statements for 2022 will be mailed out as soon as possible in January, but no later than January 31, 2023. To ensure the deductibility of your church contributions, please be sure that you have received your final year-end contribution statement before filing your 2022 taxes.          

Year-End Giving Reminder                     

To assure that all donations are properly recorded for tax purposes (per IRS Publication 526 Charitable Contributions), please remember the following:

  • Contributions received by mail must be postmarked by the U.S. Postal Service in 2022 to be applied to your 2022 contribution statement.

  • Please note that the church office will be closed for the Christmas Holidays, December 23 – 30, Friday through Friday. Contributions may still be brought to the church during that week and placed in the secure wall deposit box at the Small Groups Building. The secure deposit box is located by the double door entrance under the awning and the parking lot. This deposit box will be checked multiple times the week the office is closed for gifts. Gifts placed in the drop boxes on Saturday, December 31, will be picked up early the morning of January 1. Any gifts place in the wall deposit box on January 1, are received as 2023 gifts. 

  • The Church office will be open, Wednesday, December 29 through Thursday, December 30, for regular business hours.  Friday, December 31 the office will close for the New Year's Holiday. If you bring a gift by the church office on Friday, please place your gift in the secure drop box at the Small Groups Building and it will be picked up early the morning of January 1. Any gifts placed in the wall deposit box on January 1, are received as 2022 gifts.

  • Please note that a December gift placed in the offering box Sunday, January 1 or brought by the office in January 2023, cannot be posted to 2022, even if the check is dated 2022.

  • If your contribution is a non-cash gift, please bring it to the office in early December to allow time for processing.

  • For contributions made online, please note that there is a 2-day processing window for all online gifts (standard ACH banking timeline).   Because of the 2-day processing window, please be aware that your gift will be deducted on the settlement date, not the day you schedule the gift.   If you make a gift on December 29-31, that gift will not deduct from your bank account until January—please refer to your confirmation email as to the date the gift will be deducted.  While we will do our best to honor gifts scheduled at year-end in 2022, but deducted in 2023, it may not always be possible.  As with all banking transactions, online transactions are only processed on business days defined as a calendar day other than Saturday, Sunday or a federal holiday.