Our mission is the Great Commission. Westwood exists to invest in people who will impact their world for Jesus. God desires for the nations and our neighbors to know Jesus and to make Him known. In John 4, Jesus directed the gaze of the disciple's eyes to a sea of people walking towards them. Jesus tells them. "Look, I tell you, LIFT you your eyes, and see that the fields are white for harvest." Lost people are close to the heart of God, and Jesus is calling His followers to LIFT their eyes to the harvest of people who need Him. The task of reaching people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ remains. As we look to the future of Westwood, let's obey the call of our King-and, LIFT our eyes to the harvest and the Lord of the harvest!

The pandemic, inflation and migration are presenting unique opportunities for Westwood to show the compassion of Christ to people in our community. The harvest is pentiful! May God raise up workers from Westwood to serve our community through LIFT LOCAL. 


  • Identify specific and tangible needs within Shelby County that Westwood can rise up to meet in the immediate and long-term future.
  • Develop a comprehensive strategy to mobilize Westwood members to servce our community through food distribtution, counseling minitries, ESL and SSL training, addiction recovery, and other compassion ministries.
  • Deploy Westwood members in our local community in as many service opportunities as possible.
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There are more than 2100 languages without a single verse of Scripture, impacting hundreds of millions of people. This reality is know as "Bible poverty" and serves as a wake-up call. As part of LIFT GLOBAL, we will be involved in helping translate the Scriptures!


  • Cultivate a culture of evangelism and mission among our people.
  • Train every Westwood member in personal evangelism.
  • Commission every Westwood member as a missionary.
  • Send 100 trained Westwood members annually on internatinal mission trips around the world by 2027.
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In Shelby County there are 70 Southern Baptist Churches, with 30 of these churches averaging less than 30 in attendance per week. Healthy churches in Shelby County will be a focus of LIFT CHURCHES.


  • Launch 20 home groups throughout Ballantrae/Weatherly communities.
  • Plant 2 Hispanic churches in Shelby County.
  • Establish 5 healthly churches through church planting, church adoptions, or multisite campuses.
  • Start a Westwood training center for pastors and church leaders.
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