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What does Impact City Look Like?
Impact City focus is on the unsung heroes of our city, the Police Officers, Fire Departments, and Nursing Homes. 

For detailed information on what Impact City is click HERE.

For detailed information on how you can help click HERE.

To sign up to help click HERE

What Does Impact Church Look like?
As the body of Christ, we are commanded to be the hand and feet of Christ to those in need in our church and community. A body is made of many parts, and only working together as one body can we truly have an IMPACT by showing the love and gospel of Christ to those around us.  But we need your help! 

Can you help with home maintenance and repairs, auto repairs, yard work or take a meal?  We need you!

Do you have a passion for reaching out to those who need encouragement (by phone or written note), start a mentoring or discipleship group, interced in prayer for those who need it most, come alongside new members and/or new believers and help get them connected in the church?  We need you!

We will have an IMPACT day quarterly where you can use your God given gifts and skills!   If you can help out please fill out our online "I want to make an Impact" card. 

March 13, June 12, September 18 and December 11