Q:  What is Electronic/Online Giving?

     A: The term Electronic Giving encompasses a wide range of secure, automatic payment methods that can be used to make regular church offerings and other contributions without the need to write checks, carry cash or prepare envelopes.

Q:  How can funds be withdrawn directly from my account?
      A: Only with your authorization.  Nobody can deduct money from your account electronically unless you specifically authorize it.

Q:  How safe is Electronic Giving?
      A: It is safer than writing checks or carrying cash to church.  Secure donation services are provided by Vanco Services, LLC.  To sign up for online giving you are only giving information that is already printed on your check.  Vanco processes electronic donations for thousands of churches and non-profit organizations.

Q:  When would this automatic contribution be taken from my account?
     A: On the Vanco online secure giving form, you will be asked to specify a payment method, start date, frequency (ex: one-time, weekly, semi-monthly, monthly or as designated) and contribution amount. When the date you have selected falls on a weekend or holiday, the transaction will occur on the next business day.

Q:  Can I test this by giving one time?
     A: Yes.  You may test online giving by selecting "One-Time Gift" in the Giving Amount and Date section of the sign up process.

Q:  If I don't write checks, how do I keep my checkbook balance straight?
     A: Your contribution is made on a pre-established day that you selected, so you can deduct it from your check record then.  You will also receive a general Email reminder thanking you for giving to Westwood Baptist Church for your contribution.

Q:  Why can't I give by credit card?
     A: While credit cards are a very popular way of spending today, we do not want to potentially put someone in the place of going in debt and paying credit interest on their charitable contribution gifts given to the church.

Q:  Will I receive a record of my donations for accounting and tax purposes?
     A: Yes, you will receive an emailed receipt.   Donations are also listed in detail on your bank statements.  With your online giving account you created with Vanco Services you will be able to view your giving history online and Westwood Baptist Church will continue to provide you with quarterly personal giving statement for your tax records.

 Q:  What if I change banks or accounts or want to change the amount of my contribution or need to cancel or temporarily place my donation on hold?

     A: You can do this at any time.   You can log in to your account and make any updates, adjustments or changes as necessary. 

Q:  How do I participate in the weekly offering if my contribution is automatically deducted from my bank account?
     A: You can still display a symbolic act of giving.  If you wish, you can write "I'm giving online" on the giving envelope and place it in the offering basket, but it is not necessary. 

 Q:  Is there any charge to me from my bank to give online?
    A: No.  Electronic funds transfers carry no bank fees and this service is free.

Q:  Can I designate my giving online?
    A: Yes, you can designate between Tithes & Offering, Building (Debt Relief), Mission Fund and other offerings that you can write in yourself.  The total is what shows as the transaction with your bank; however, the church receives the breakdown directly from eGive.  You may give a special offering 24 hours a day on Vanco Services.

Q:  Who do I talk to if I have more questions?
    A: For more information, contact Amy Valentour or call 205.664.0122.


 Q. Can I make one-time donations via text?

     A. Yes

 Q. Can I set up recurring donations by text?
     A. No.

 Q. Am I assessed any fees for this service?
     A. No. (Normal text messaging fees from your cell phone carrier may apply.)

 Q. What number do I use to text donations?
     A. The number will be sent to you by both email and text after you complete an online profile.

 Q. Can I text a donation from a phone number that is different from the phone number provided when I set up my profile?
     A. No. The combination of your phone number and PIN number is unique to you and must match the phone number on your profile. If you change your phone number, you will need to update it on your profile.

 Q. Why do I need to set up a profile in order to text a donation?
     A. You need to set up a profile in order to select a payment method.

 Q. Will my donation be charged to my cell phone account and appear on my cell phone statement?
     A. No. Your donation will be made using the payment method specified in your profile and will appear on the statement from your financial institution.  Your cell phone carrier only handles the text message — not your transaction. Normal text messaging fees from your carrier may apply.

 Q. Does my cell phone carrier see my payment information?
     A. No. Secure donation services are provided by Vanco Services, the same company that processes electronic donations for more than 10,000 other churches and nonprofit organizations.

 Q. How will I know if my donation was received?
     A. When a donation is made, you will receive both a text confirmation and an email receipt.  In addition, the transaction will appear on the statement from your financial institution.  And finally, once your donation has been processed, you may log in to your online profile at any time to view your online donation history.


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