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Sent Strategy

February - INITIAITE - MEET your neighbors - "The Great Cookie Adventure"
We are challenging you to bake and deliver a plate of cookies to your neighbors. This is a great way to get to know your neighbors.

March - INCLUDE - EAT with your neighbors - #cometothetable"
The challenge is to include your neighbors at a family meal. Preferably at your home, but if  that's too much, go out to eat. Sit down at a table and have a meal together. 

April - INVITE - SIT with your neighbors at church. 
The challenge is to invite your neighbors to come and sit with you at our worship gatherings and your Life Groups.  Not just invite them but sit with them.  A great opportunity for this is Easter on April 17. 

May - IMPACT - TELL your neighbors the Gospel.
The challenge is to tell your neighbors about Jesus. Share your testimony. You will discover that you can lead people to Christ through telling your story. 

Sharing your testimony

During them month of February, 4th grader all the way up through our senior adults are going to be learning how to share our testimony.  Below is the link to the lessons for February.

February Leader Guide

FEB 6   The WHY - pages1-3

FEB 13  The HOW - pages 4-7

FEB 20  The Telling of your Story - page 8

FEB 27  Tough Questions page 9