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For detailed information about our Regathering click Regathering 4 Stage Plan.

Regathering Plan-Fall Regathering-UPDATED

On September 13 we will have 2 services on Sunday morning, 9:30 (BLUE) and 11:00 (RED). We will still follow the CDC guidelines and will be limited to only 300 people per service.  We will still require face coverings to be worn by everyone in attendance.   You will need to reserve your worship time by using our Reservation portal that will be made available by 8AM on Monday mornings weekly.  We will also begin offering Sunday morning programming for our preschool, children and students on Sept. 13 at both hours.  Because we are asking families to be 1 hour, unless you are volunteering, there will be NO adult Life Groups at the 9:30 and 11:00 hour, your children would go to their designated areas at 9:30 (for their Life Groups) and mom and dad would go to worship during that hour.  After the worship service is over you would pick up your children and go home. 

This plan is a TEMPORARY ONE. We anticipate this plan being consistent through the end of the year. However, if things get better we would then think through bringing our Adult Life Groups back on campus during the worship hours.  If things get worse (with Covid) then we will have to make adjustments. Remember, we are trying our best (with protocols in place) to bring our Church back to campus, we are limited in what we can and can’t do at this time.

Safety procedures for Children and Students:

  • All children and students will have their temperature checked prior to entering the building. The Check Point will be located outside the upper Atrium entrance doors. Families with preschoolers will have their children checked at the Preschool entrances.
  • Parents will be given a document stating that you will not bring your preschool, child, or student to the campus who are sick or running a temperature.
  • All children 1st grade and up will be required to wear a mask while in the building.
  • All volunteer workers will be required to wear a mask as well.
  • We will alternate rooms for the 9:30 and 11:00 hour so children will have a clean room each hour. Preschool rooms will be cleaned between hours.
  • We will have a team of adults who will disinfect “high traffic” areas in the “Garage” areas


Adult Life Groups on Sundays

  1. The only hour on Sunday morning that we will have adult Life Groups on campus will be at 8:00AM. If your life group wants to reserve a room for 8:00am, and you don’t require childcare please contact Wendy at [email protected]. Those classes will meet in the Small Groups Building.  Rooms are limited and are available on a first come basis. If we have more requests than we have rooms available, we will ask that you meet on alternate weeks in order to give every group a chance to meet.

If you class does not require childcare, there are plenty of rooms available throughout the week beginning Sunday afternoon. If your class requires childcare, you can choose to meet with childcare reservations on Sunday, Monday or Wednesday evenings as long as rooms are available. There will a limited number of available rooms on Wednesday nights for adult life groups.

For all adult Life Group room reservations, please contact Wendy Sipes at; [email protected] and she can get you set up.  

Option for at Risk Individuals  

You can join us by Livestream, Facebook Live or YouTube each Sunday at 9:30am. We will also have a service/fellowship every 2nd Tuesday of the month at 10:30am in the Worship Center. That will include social distancing between family groups.

Volunteers Needed

We will need several volunteers to help with parking, door greeters, worship section host, housekeeping (cleaning door knobs, surfaces, restrooms, etc...)

Protocol for volunteers will be:

• You will need to wear a self provided face covering (if you do not have one we will provide one) during your volunteer time
• Your temperature will be taken with a digital scanner upon arriving
• If you feel sick, please stay home
• We will have a short training before the service begins on Sunday

To volunteer please email Scott Morton at [email protected].



Q-Do I have to wear a face covering?
A-Face coverings are required for everyone that is in attendance.

Q-Will someone be taking my temperature?
A-Yes. The only people that will have their temperature taken (digital) will be our children, students, volunteers and staff who will be here to serve you. 

Q-How will the facilities be cleaned?
A-The facilities will be cleaned thoroughly each week for the next Sunday. The use of a high volume ULV disinfectant fogger will be used the the high-volume areas on campus including the Worship Center.

Q-Can we shake hands or hug necks?
A-We will practice social distancing and not shake hands or hug necks. This goes for greeters too.

Q-Will the Cafe' be open?
A-No. For the time being the cafe' will be closed.

Q-Is there a place to go to for a crying baby?
A- There are 2 areas. In the atrium near the Preschool doors and the Westwood Room by the Cafe'. The only place available to change a baby will be in the restrooms. The nursing rooms will be closed. 

Q-Where do I go when I arrive?
A-If you have a child or student they will need to enter at one of our marked checkpoint tents located at the upper level or preschool entrance in the back to have their temperature taken.  

Q-How many online tickets can I reserve for Worship?
A-You will be able to reserve up to 7 tickets/family. Each member including babies will need a seat.  Tickets will be available starting 8am each Monday starting May 25.

Q-Will there be preschool or childcare?
A-Yes. Starting Sunday, September 13 we will have programming for children and students.  Please note the playground will be closed on Sundays. 

Q-What is the plan for my Life Groups?
A- Contact the Life Group admin Wendy Sipes for Life Groups Room Reservations, [email protected].

Q-Will there be any training for Volunteers?
A-Yes, you will be contacted by a staff member. You can sign up by emailing Scott Morton at [email protected].

Q-Are the Church Offices open?
A-Yes. They are  open Mon-Thur., 8am-4:30pm and Fri. 8-12:30pm.  If you need to visit the office we encourage you to call the office first, 205.664.0122, to make an appointment.

For any other questions, please call the office at 205.664.0122.