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YM360 Online Youth Group

Hi Westwood Student.


This is Pastor Ric Callahan. For the next several weeks Westwood will not have any gatherings on our campus. So, I want you to know that you are important to our church and deeply loved. In the weeks ahead it’s important that you continue to grow as a Christian. That’s why I wanted to send you this link so that you can connect with thousands of other students for some ongoing teaching. YM360 is offering this for you during these unusual times. My hope is that you will sign up and participate. 


On another note, please continue to pray for Jarred and Megan as they make preparations to start their church in Atlanta. Also, pray that God continues to lead us as we seek our new Student Pastor. Our hope is to share some great news with you in the coming weeks. Love you and your families. Let me or Leigh Watts know if you have any needs over the next several weeks.


Pastor Ric Callahan

Trust God No Matter What


Click here for more information:

YM360 Online Youth Group