WHAT: A misson trip to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where students will focus on immersing themselves into the culture of a city so that they can observe what ministry looks like in that context. The nature of this Urban missions project is educational/experiential.

WHERE: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

WHEN: June 22-29, 2018

WHO: Grades Going Into 9th-12th

WHY: Philadelphia has tremendous poverty, of the large US cities it has the greatest amount of deep poverty. There is contrast throughout the city–wealth and privilege next to poverty and desperation. There is a need for gospel witness on both sides of the track and there are opportunities to be light in this city of beginnings. Westwood Students will get training and cultural experiences by connecting them to different local ministries in an urban environment. We'll spend time serving with partnering ministries but the bullk of our time will be dedicated to learning about the city from local practitioners and how that impacts ministering to people in those communities.

COST: $400 ($50 non-refundable deposit upon registration)

DEADLINE: February 7, 2018

OTHER REQUIREMENTS: Each student coming on this mission trip is considered a leader by nature of meeting these requirements. Leaders are example-setters. Because our student ministry is purpose-driven in every aspect of what we do, students who are leaders understand this and give themselves over to the full mission/purpose of Westwood Students. The prerequisites for being a part of the mission trip are:

  1. Students must be regular participants in our weekly programming.
    1. Student Small Groups (Sundays and/or Wednesdays at Centric).
    2. Wednesday nights at Centric
  2. Students should participate in catalyst events (unless providentially hindered):
    1. Summer Camp (June 1-4, 2018)
    2. DNOW (Feb. 23-25)

** Being on mission and representing Westwood and our Student Ministry requires students to be fully engaged, positive in spirit, and focused on serving others. Any student who is financially hindered in meeting the prerequisites may be assured of being considered as first priority towards any scholarship or work-funding sources. If you have any further questions regarding these prerequisites we are more than happy to connect with you to answer and express our purposes for these strict requirements. Jarred can be contacted at jboyd@gowestwood.org



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