H.O.P.S. (Houses Of Peace Search)

Check out the following link for the google form we use for Houses of Peace Searches.


Below is a mock-script for utilizing in our 2-3 person teams:

Knock on the door. (They answer)

Hi my name is _________ and this is _________.

We are going around just caring for the community and want to know, is there anything you or your household might need that we could pray and ask God to help you with? (Yes... pray for __________)

Great, now tell me your name. (Their name)

Well ___________, if it’s ok can I pray for that right now? (Yes)

Quick prayer in Jesus name.

Now we’re about to leave, but before we go is there a good time in the next week or so that we could come back and tell you a story? (Yes)

When is a good day/time? (Make sure to write it down)

Great! Thank you and have a blessed day.